What is our Ethos?
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A counselling practice built upon Two pillars

Reflexity counselling is built upon 2 pillars:

Reflecting: “We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience” – John Dewey


Inclusivity: “A desire to make a non-judgemental space where anyone is welcome no matter of any neurological or biological differences”

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Pillar one u>Reflections

During the counselling process it helps to reflect on our past to understand how we’ve got to where we are today.

Internal reflection helps us to understand ourselves, helps us to grow and develop into the people we want to be.

Counselling can be about reflecting on our habitual behaviours, looking at them with fresh eyes, finding different perspectives, realising we have personal agency over our lives and then choosing to make the changes we want.

The process of being reflexive is to put our reflecting into action.

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Pillar two Inclusivity

As someone who is neurodiverse, I know what it’s like to experience discrimination. I feel incredibly passionate about providing counselling that’s accessible to all. The ethos that underpins all my work is one of inclusivity.

I feel empathy for people who’ve experienced exclusion elsewhere, you will be welcomed at Reflexity Counselling.

Please understand, though, that an important part of a counsellor’s remit is to know their limits and I will refer on any client who’s beyond the bounds of my capabilities.

As part of my ongoing accessibility work, if my website falls short, please use my enquiry form to let me know.


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